Oklahoma State Baseball Secures Walk-Off Win in Bedlam

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Holliday gets win No. 300 in dramatic fashion.

Keep the Bedlam wins coming

Some how they won it, great game.

Maybe Ferrari has to throw out the first pitch for every Bedlam game going forward!!!

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Or have him stand at the coin toss for Bedlam football from now on…oh wait…never mind…won’t help cause…Gundy.

U are getting to be more like Joe. Dnt even need a reason or connection to bring up gundy. Obsession is a mental illness better get checked out while u can.

It bothers me that the fanbase, alumni, AD office donors and regents demand excellence from certain programs and makes the financial commitment to help the process, but not for the highest profit-maker among all sports. I don’t have a mental illness or an obsession as you seem to think. I’m just a dude who loves to see OklahomaState do well.

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U say do well. Thats a lie. Even by the bear minimum what gundy is doing is well. Even ar0 knows to do well in football is to recurit better. And for the love of God, if one of u guys can point out a guy who has gone to a non blue school in a state that produces no 5 stars and a handful of four stars, and done what u guys want. Then tell me. Because I can find unicorns faster. There has been a non blue blood champion since the 90’s.

Mark Dantonio

Where’s those unicorns?

I like that one just hard to say if he really fills all the points.
Let’s look at Michigan state. I know u won’t like this but they are on alot of list for blue bloods. They have 6 natty’s and overall record better. Shares a state with big brother thats 10 million and just have more higher recurits in state.
Back to mark more losing seasons and worse overall record. Same 7 and 6 season same 10 win season. Finished tied at at 3 ranking so far not any better
Does have better conf title and sure his Michigan record is better. So we have to complete believe Michigan has been as dominant as ou.
This will be as close as it gets tho

You left out that he has more wins against Ohio State than Gundy has against OU.

If ur playing that card how does it compare to Texas wins.

You’re trying to compare Ohio State to Texas the last 14 years?

Well ur trying to compare ou to Michigan
I do like ur pic but he has some leg ups over osu

No I’m comparing OU to Ohio State. Do you have a problem with that comparison? The only comparison that involves Michigan is Michigan State is the little brother of the state also.

So u can throw out the in-state rival when it suits u. Well gundy is 1 and 0 against Alabama

I’m not throwing out anything, I’m comparing to the best in the conference. BTW he had a 10 win season 3, 11 win seasons, a 12 and a 13.

Un like u im not wasting my time ritng out everything. 10 or more. The or more was a given. But ur an idiot.
Its funny u want to beat me thats fine just be honest to ur self.
I said he was a great pic. But its not like he did at Indiana.
One way to tell how good a programs is see how big there stadium is. Nobody builds a stadium they can’t fill.
If u feel msu are on equal footing with osu thats fine, I can’t change that. Same with corndog. So endless blah blah just show how pathetic u r.