Oklahoma State Before and After Mike Holder's AD Tenure

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OSU is better because of Mike Holder.


Really nice article

Beautiful send off. It probably be mind blowing if someone posted the actual amount of dollars that have been donated to OSU athletic since Holder was AD. We also should remember that one year Holder and his wife donated $1,000,000 of their own money to OSU. Something needs to be dedicated in his name. In 1966 a tall, lanky, freckle faced kid arrived on campus and he eventually became literally a real game changer. We owe much to Mike Holder, a guy I used to mostly see in the elevator while living in Kerr Hall.

Much better, he was transformational! From facilities to the SI debacle, he did a fantastic job in a fairly short period. Everyone has personality issues, but the big picture is breathtaking change.

You can add Karsten Creek to that long list of ‘best facilities’ in college sports … all residing in little ol’ Stillwater, OK … an amazing career as not ‘only’ a Coach but AD as well … we are all very luck to have been here to witness his career !

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Great article, but you completely left out his career from 1973-2005, when he was golf coach. We would have never had Karsten Creek, golf National Championships, or Boone Pickens athletic donations without those years.

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