Oklahoma State Center Moussa Cisse Enters Transfer Portal

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Cisse leaves as one of OSU’s all-time great shot blockers despite playing in only 61 games.

Don’t understand why he’s leaving if Boone is already out.

Oof, the one I feared the most…


If he wasn’t a 5 star out of high school, we wouldn’t be saying the sky is falling. Frankly, the makeup of last years team was never going to get it done. WE NEED SHOOTERS! WE NEED SHOT CREATORS! Look at the teams that did well. Yeah UCONN had good center play but the rest of the teams were all about shot making and shot creation off the dribble. There is no reason why we can’t create what K state did last year.

He is leaving to play with better players so he will play better to impress NBA scouts. This is a wise move on his part. I would guess Cowboys are going to look pretty bad next season. That will be adios for coach Boynton. We need a clean sweep to get the program where it needs to be. Fans deserve to see much better talent, and that starts with head coach/recruiting.


I wish him well. It’s going to be a long fall/winter with both Football and Men’s Basketball being mediocre at best.


The portal giveth and the portal taketh away. I don’t like where the direction of college sports is headed as a whole. If they’re going to treat student/athletes more like pros, why not just watch pro sports? It’s a lot better product.


Remember the Vision Plan the AD announced in February? Maybe they should scrap all that and figure out how to not suck at men’s sports.

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Wow. I have been watching Oklahoma State since 1993. This program is so close to dead. Boynton can recruit but cannot coach to save his life. Transfer portal will kill us. Stillwater is broke and has no NIL money. Watching basketball on TV used to be a fun activity. Elitists have turned this game into a money grabbing pile of crap. There’s a reason I don’t watch the NBA. College basketball has turned into NBA lite. I’m done.

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This is huge. We just lost 2 of the best post players to put on an OSU jersey in 30 years. Theres only a handful of true post players we’ve had that you would truly take over these 2.
I’ll be shocked if Thompson sticks around and if he goes its going to be the Wright show of him shooting over 10 3’s a game and only making 1. If Boynton survives next year it will be a miracle. Its going to be a long season.


We are past due to see who is in the head coaching portal. At this point, we are no longer trying to close the barn door after the ‘horses’ are out, we have to rebuild the barn!! jmho…

GO POKES!! :cowboy_hat_face: :softball: :cowboy_hat_face: :softball: :cowboy_hat_face:

This is where I agree with Gundy. The athletic scholarship needs to become a contract where the player agrees to be here for so many years.


There is one very glaring reason we can’t… His name is Mike Boynton.

He shouldn’t even be allowed to coach next year.

That’s what we get when we have mediocre coaches.

Imo it says something about the coach when guys you originally recruited do not want to finish their career with you. Unfortunately, it’s time to move on. OSU won’t do that this year so basically Boynton has this next season to do something. He’ll need to show significant improvement and looking at this roster its not happening.

This is what happens when you’re afraid to pay a coach because you made a mistake in extending the last one to a terrible contract. Underwood had a rough start at Illinois but over the past 4 years they’ve won 20+ games.

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He was a good inside presence to block shots only when he could stay out of foul trouble or when he was in condition. Other than that no big loss. Didn’t have an offensive games, hands were questionable and didn’t play enough minutes to be considered a force when we needed him.

Dam are you begging for attention ? Took you 3 posts to say what you could have in one :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Boynton knows he has to produce this year. Cisse was very average at everything but blocking shots Boone is a head case that you never know when he will show up. I would think he would keep AA instead of Wright, but he’s the coach.
Anxious to see what we scrounge up in the portal and the freshmen contribute. The sky hasn’t fallen yet

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