Oklahoma State Extends Late Offer to 2020 Big Man Brandon Lieb

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/oklahoma-state-extends-late-offer-to-2020-big-man-brandon-lieb/

OSU needs a big, and it might have found one.

Put some weight on this kid and he will be a stud! Very coordinated for a 7 footer.

As I am originally from the Chicago suburbs I am glad that coach Boynton is looking in that area for recruiting. Usually the top high school talent from Chicago is found in the inner city and people forget that the suburbs also have some really good talent. Getting a kid from Chicagoland to Stillwater is another hurdle because of the cultural shock involved. If I had to bet on this, I would wager the kid ends up at DePaul if they currently have a competitive team. The glory days of Ray Meyer coaching DePaul are long gone, so who knows?

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With a post season ban staring them down, it might be hard to get someone to commit.

@marshall, @kyleboone, can we get a recruiting round-up considering the current state? It looks like he’s making moves on 2020 guys but I didn’t know that was possible.