Oklahoma State Favored by 3.5 Points Over Iowa State

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Vegas is anticipating a close one on Saturday in Stilly.

This is gonna be a 27-20 win for the Pokes.

I think if we hold ISU to 20 points, we win by 17+ points. I am taking the pokes and giving the 3.5 for sure. With Sanders back we should put up points, even on a pretty decent ISU D.

With sanders first game its hard to tell what’s up

Poke Choke unfortunately, 38-28

You might be right.

An insult. Don’t you get 3-3.5 points for home field? Bettors are saying we’re equals.

I’m getting real tired of all the “OSU has played 3 bad offenses, they’ve seen nothing like Iowa state’s offense” crap. Go look at the stat comparison between WVU’s offense and ISU’s offense. WVU has better numbers in every single stat than ISU. More pass yards, more rush yards, more pass yards per Comp, more yards per rush, more points, everything. And WVU has played the best defense in the conference already (us), while ISU has not. Sure, WVU got to pad stats vs Kansas, but Texas tech’s defense is just as putrid as Kansas’ and Iowa states offense struggled to score 24 points on them (7 points were non-offensive). Ou has a terrible defense too. I mean, they scored 7 offensive points on Louisiana Lafeyette.:joy: the mighty Georgia state scored 31 points on Louisiana. But all I’ve seen from tons of outlets all week long is “OSU’s defense has not seen an offense like this yet”.


I’ll take that score, but pokes on top. It will take a bunch of turnovers by OSU for ISU to come out with this one.

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This year you get 1 point for home field. At least that is what I’m hearing.