Oklahoma State First Team Out of Preseason AP Poll

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The Pokes start the year unranked, according to AP voters.

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Gundy’s offense doesn’t help him in polls. His offense that he runs dosent blow anybody like it did in the holgorson years. When you have 3 or 4 loses a year in a bad conference and the games you win are nail biters it really dosent set them up to be in conversation on game day or espn shows. This is why I don’t understand why he plays so vanilla in non con games. Frustrating as hell.


I wear orange glasses but I would bet on the Cowboys to beat 10 of the AP top 25.


I love u guys. Just say any thing. First off what has holgorson offense been doing after osu. I know Houston is more then happy they paid real money for him. Who was r qb when he was here.

Boise was a top 25 team. Tulsa was last year.
What is the difference now to then when georgia and Arizona were ranked only once in 2 years.

Maybe, but I thought that last year too. They look at what you did last year and who you have coming back. Gundy just needs to quit messing around and quit worrying about somebody seeing his 5 plays and quit worrying about getting people hurt early and play ■■■■ football and push the petal to the metal early and fast. Question is does he have it in him anymore?


This isn’t a question if do we have the guys because we do and have had them. It’s on gundy to perform and have a winning game plan for every team he plays. We have played down to talent for way to long and it shows in the respect category when these polls come out so it’s just not the guys on site it’s people that are on tv putting these polls together also. Time to put up or shut up!


See this statement I can kinda of live with.

When people bring the leach holgorson duo I want to laugh myself silly.

Between those two in like 30 years of coach their play calling has done nothing.

If Sanders makes that step our offense will look a lot different then the last 2 years.


And o line

They have the guys to beat everybody on their schedule and should except uo. Big twelve or bust.


I know that oline had its troubles. But the keep shane up rite. Over half of Sanders bone head plays he was stand tall. The line will be better

I really want to say that. I have to see Sanders first.

He definitely needs to do that but I’m starting to question if he can when the game is on the line not just playing Missouri state.

Well I hope none of r players are pushed in that game. Gunnar should at least be in by the 3rd. 5 rbs.10 recievers.

Besides Sanders. I want to see the foot work of that giant left tackel.

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Miami? Cause they love their quarterback that we injured?
Indiana cause they finally had a good year?
Boring Iowa
Texas cause they have horns?


When a coach finishes below his conference projection seven of the last nine seasons, eventually the sports media and others start believing he’ll do worse than he’s projected.

Same ole political doofusism in obvious mode yet again w/ these polls. Miami’s at what, 14, 15 and we beat them and return as many starters as they do. Not surprised this happens though, same old song and dance every year, LOL!

Too predictable. D-coordinators can see most of the passes are outside thus no need to have too many DBs in the middle on obvious passing situations. No trick plays, EVER!

  1. Neither has had as good of playmakers as oSu, the Pirate has long been overrated. What team has he had that was Top 20, one TTU team maybe?
  2. Their defenses have been much worse than ours even before Knowles.
  3. Obviously Holgorsen is a much better O-coordinator than he is HC.