Oklahoma State Football Betting Win Total for 2020 Season Set at 8.5

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You taking the over or under?

Sounds about right.

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Is this a joke?

Tied with Texas and one game ahead of Iowa State sounds pretty close.

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KB and KP two days ago-

“Gundy isn’t allowed to have an opinion if he’s going to go 8-4 every year… Gundy is ruining his reputation and putting players’ lives at risk for an eventual 8-win season… Is 8 wins worth killing people?..”

Two days after- “What? OSU is only slotted to win 8.5 games?? This is a travesty, it should be 10 or 11.”

The hypocrisy is steamy.


Ou is only one above us too at 9.5, and they have won less than 10 games twice since 2000 (what a stat!!). Not putting much stock in these odds.

With 8.5 being for the regular season only, I don’t think it’s too outrageous. Especially if it’s tied for 2nd in the Big 12. I think 9 regular season wins would be a little underwhelming with what we have coming back, but I don’t think it’s a complete outrage that those are the odds.

A&M at 9.5 is hilarious though

I think 8.5 is the best number for us. We were at 7.5 last year and really had to grind out 8.

I’m so tired of losing conference openers. If we can beat TCU on the road, I could see us cruising past 8.5.

Texas A&M has to win one of @Alabama, @Auburn or vs LSU and not drop any others. Go get your free money.