Oklahoma State Football's 2022 Season Opener Moved up Two Days

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Football season is closer.

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At least we will see how the scrimmage will turn out before playing ASU. Will give oSu a couple of more days to straighten things out.

I don’t like the fact that we start conference play on the road against the defending Big 12 champions.

ASU will probably be more a of a scrimmage than CMU. Their program is a dumpster fire. QB just transferred out and a lot of coaches “leaving” the program.

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Still wouldn’t surprise me if ASU put up a fight. I figure if Tulsa and Missouri State were able to they still have enough talent to do the same.

I’m more worried about some CMU bullshit again after last time.

For me that game had more to do with coaching and game planning more than anything else. There’s no reason to lose at home to a 6-6 Central Michigan team when you have Washington, Rudolph, Carson, and Hill all on the same field.

Best time to play them. If you think a team is good, you want to get them early in the season when they’re not at full tilt. Plus, we beat them when healthy. Fewer injuries early.

Fewer injuries early? Did we not have any during the Boise State game?

Unfortunately last 2 years we have had more injured players early then late

We actually had a bunch to start the season. We were starting to get players back by the Boise game. Injuries can happen any time. You’d just expect more at the end of a punishing season.