Oklahoma State Gets Big-Time Washington State WR Transfer Tay Martin

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OSU is getting another good one at wide receiver.

Sounds like Dee Anderson hasn’t been practicing much. Anybody have any details?

Dang, poor guy with the situation with his parents. Inspirational though. Imagine this dude has an impressive amount of inner strength

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Because this year won’t hurt his eligibility, we might get him for two years!

Why do we spend a scholarship at a position there is no need for?
The kid is rolling the dice that the Big 12 plays ball this season. Quite a gamble.

Maybe there is a need and we just don’t know it…

I guess only the coaches know the reason and they aren’t saying. You have too many horses in one stable and some of them are going to try to flee. No problem as long as the thoroughbreds remain. But those scholarships are valuable.

They brought in the wr from LSU that had been suspended due to lack of conditioning and surpise, but Pat Jones said on the radio this morning that apparently he had come in a bit over weight and didn’t look like he would be ready to contribute this year so I guess the WSU was brought in to make up for that

Dee Anderson may be a bust. He’s either hurt all the time or overweight and out of shape. I don’t see him contributing much with all the other wideout talent. So maybe Martin can add a little something although he is really late to the party.