Oklahoma State Has Second-Best Odds to Win the Big 12 Title

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OU still the favorite to win the Big 12.

I agree. OU is probably the favorite right now to win the Big 12. Now it’s starting to get around the time of the year where OU tends to get better while OSU will find a game to choke off.

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U do know why Vegas has ou up. Ou has more punters, they get them to bet and take there money.

The more I think about this, the more nervous I get. If I’m thinking this through correctly, the only way OSU gets in with a bedlam loss, even if they win all others, is if Texas loses to someone not named ISU. If osu loses to OU, they’ll have 2 losses. If Texas loses to ISU that takes them out with 3, but now ISU only has one and Ou would win the head to head with us. If Texas beats ISU, now ISU and OSU both have 2 and OSU wins that head to head, but Texas would also have 2 and would have beaten both us and ISU, putting them in.

Obviously the preferred scenario is beating OU (duh), but we need to root very, very, very hard for WVU to beat Texas, and then for Texas to beat ISU. That would give OSU some cushion. I think that’s the one and only way OSU gets in with a bedlam loss. Also the only way we could see a bedlam 2.0. No one other than Texas will beat the clones, and I don’t see anyone other than WVU with a chance at beating Texas. I guess another could be ISU beating Texas and then WVU beating ISU, but that’s less likely. Then again, 2020 has been wacky so who knows.

They favor OU because a majority of people right now don’t think they can make it through the season without at least one more loss. The odds are if they lose one more game they aren’t making it to the Big 12 title game.

There is still a pathway for OU because the likelihood of K State suffering two more losses and Iowa State suffering one more loss is highly likely.

OU has already played the toughest teams besides OSU ( Vegas likes Gundy’s 2-13 record) K state still has OSU, ISU, and Texas on deck.

ISU still has Texas on deck and more than likely would be favored against K State if they were playing this week.

Basically what Vegas is saying:

They think there is a good possibility that OU beats OSU and plays ISU in the Conference Title game.

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Really dude I don’t bet and care less about Vegas. I have a degree in math . I don’t need for u to spell out what could happen if riley pulls his pants down.

I did go back to see if u made any sense. U do know ou hasn’t played west Virginia.

Joe u do know we know u have a second account to like ur comments. When u talk about ou u want to be seen on the page. So u like urself.

What you need is a degree in English.

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OU is not going to have a problem beating WV. You heard it here first!!!

English is that what ou teaches.

I don’t want to miss quote u when ou loses.

U do know riley has to take a nap during the 4th quarter.

Are you asking me a question or making a suggestion?

It’s “misquote”

This doesn’t end with a period. This should end with a question mark. Because you are asking me a question.

Nice keep up reading my bad post. I’ve always said ur like a dog with a bone. Anything to ignore riley’s 21 pt break down.

Her name was quote and she was not married

“Oklahoma State Has Second-Best Odds to Win the Big 12 Title”

Trying to make it sound like something for us to be excited about.
What happened to Hubba Bubba winning the Heisman, on our way to the National Championship?
Then we were totally enchanted to be ranked number 6, while of course we had played nobody.
Then unranked Texas spanked our butts and sent us spiraling to number 14. And we’re just proud to still be ranked.
And low and behold, another gem comes along. Out of 12 teams? We’re suddenly ranked number two, behind the Sooners (of course), to win the conference championship.
Seems like another year of; as the season continues, we find ourselves being asked to be excited about less and less.
Mark my word, in the end? There will be no Heisman, no Bedlam win, no Conference Championship, no National Championship and Pistols will be firing about a trip to another ho-hum Bowl.
As usual, all expectations will have been flushed. BUT!! Gundy will retain his job.

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Riley had one 21 break down in his 4th season as a coach. I guess you’ve forgotten all the break downs Mike Gundy had in the past, and I’m not talking about his dancing.

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