Oklahoma State Issues Statement on Conference Realignment Rumors

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OSU says it is still gathering information and closely monitoring the situation.

Yes we had better be.

Chad says although loyal…, we are prepared to advance…
In other words, loyalty to the conference is important but if we have to improve our situation in multiple ways due to necessity, we will move to a better conference.
I like the way our A.D. messaged us not to worry, we are not going down with the ship. If anything, we will advance our status and sports revenue big time. So all is good fans.

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If this happens then there will be only one true contending conference and everybody else might as well be in the sunbelt and I think everybody knows that.

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That’s one conference and Ohio State.

But that one super conference will spend all season cannibalizing itself and only one or 2 teams will come out of it to the playoff every year. Numbers-wise this would make more room for teams from other conferences, not less.