Oklahoma State Lagging in Recruiting Rankings, but What About its *Rating*

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OSU looks a lot better from this angle.

Let me see if I got this right? We are last, 10th out of 10 teams in the conference but if you look at quality we are 7th. Now if we can hold to that level of quality we might get as high as 5th, where we have been the last 3 years. Yet 3 out of 7 of the 4star recruits we have gotten the last 3 years chose to transfer.
Sounds like we’ll be winning it all over the next few years!

Still very, very uninspiring regardless what slant you put on it …just another day in the world of OSU FB recruiting…even AFTER adding additional Staff for evaluation & process improvement (+) a new Director of Recruiting :sob:

Didn’t Holder increase Gundy’s recruiting budget over a year ago ? I’m sure I saw a post that he didn’t spend near all of it after he made his statement after the bowl game two years ago. He has had quality kids but he needs to step his game up on recruiting

The problem is we always talk about recruiting every year and PFB always puts a spin on it. The reality is that it’s not where it needs to be where most people want or need OSU football to be at.

A majority of teams aren’t winning conference titles or going to the CFP with a bunch of 3 star recruits. Most teams aren’t beating blue blood schools consistently enough with 3 star recruits.

Gundy was able to gain a trajectory in the first few years of his career because his recruiting was better and opposing coaches weren’t familiar with his strategies. That’s all changed now!!!

The teams Gundy was so used to getting victories over have now hired better coaches, BETTER RECRUITING, and invested in their football programs. Gundy is sticking with the status quo. That’s fine as long as it makes you successful. I would say when you start getting your butt kicked by teams that can’t make bowl games (Texas Tech) you may want to change it up every now and then.

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