Oklahoma State Lands at No. 20 in Final AP Poll

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OSU stepped back into the AP ranking thanks to its bowl win.

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Well based on how good we were supposed to be this year I’m predicting an unranked finish next year. What a mediocre season. Sad.

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U r a bright ray of sunshine

And you’re a dunce.

Ur mad because were in the top 20.
Answer me this. Do u think the oline will be better.

I sure hope so. If it’s not that would be pretty pathetic.

No I asked a simple question with who is coming in and is here. Do u think the oline will be better

I think they will but I also thought we’d be better than 4th place in the big 12 this year so what do I know :man_shrugging:

I agree. At the end of last yr I thought we were going. But I didnt know we would lose 5 linemen.
Back to a better line. Makes a better qb no matter who it will be. More offense will help the defense or out score the other offense.

All right of r wins were a team effort. The Texas tcu games were up to Sanders. The ou game was a team effort to lose.
So if we have 1 cog better it can’t hurt

Is the defense going to be better next year?

No. But not like 2018

Offensive line is better.
Defense is worse.
Finish 4th again.
robert28 sees improvement.

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If the offense scores 10 more a game and the defense give up 5. It’s more wins

ESPN not to early top 25 for next season has us I ranked going into the season. The team we just beat in bowl comes in at #25 Miami. OU is number 3 and Iowa St. is number 8.

Unranked in the ESPN not to early rankings.

Well should make alot of people happy

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Not surprised.

Aren’t u crying were ranked this year don’t worry we will be next

I’ve noticed 4th in the conference gets you all giddy.