Oklahoma State Lands at No. 20 in Final AP Poll

So u r a ou troll

Come on this is the guy you are so proud of.

There is a difference between a true fan who wants more. Then a troll who thinks bad osu moments is fun to relive

I am it’s not about Gundy it’s been about u for the last hour or more. U are a psychopath or a ou troll

If you pull your head out of the koolaid, you might find out what the people in the State think.

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No u need to. All fans want more. But only u 3 want just to get rid of Gundy no matter what. Im critical of boyton but I dnt rant constantly about him. Boynton has not done anything for osu but u will give him 5yrs. I wouldn’t have as much trouble with u 3 if u guys didn’t have double standards.

Self Says Cunningham Choosing OSU Could Open the Floodgates for Cowboys

What did walker do for ksu. Notta it’s the same thing #1 recruit. Ku had one did win a natty. So believe self on a pregame talk. What can he say. U and joe thanks when a coach talks its gospel.

Could is the long way to spell if

If I could have I would have but I can’t so I won’t

With so many entering the portal and declaring for the draft, we might as well cash it in for next season. We will be lucky to finish fourth. ■■■■ Lucky.


Number 20 for such a banged up team is an accomplishment to be proud of. The season had nothing to do with the play on the field, the disappointment of what should have been was mainly due to injuries, period.

I’m mad because we let teams like Iowa State and Indiana finish ahead of us.

The OU game was the head coach’s effort to lose. You don’t show fear in front of your players and you especially don’t punt from the OU 39 yard line down by 21 with 12 minutes left. Hard to blame the team as a whole when their coach practically did nothing to help them the entire game.

Did u for get about northwestern. That’s the only coach who is worse then Gundy in ur mind

Blah blah ou blah blah punt

Yeah thanks for reminding me about Northwestern. Can’t forget that the many programs that were worse than OSU are finishing higher than them in the rankings these days.

Another bad coach getting by. Thought that would get u riled up
I never forget the carp u put out

Well at least we know he has a better record against blue bloods in half the amount of games.

Boys funny u dnt believe in blue bloods. We only have ku as a blue blood