Oklahoma State Makes Final Four for Top 100 Prospect Avion Carter

Baylor didn’t have a full roster either.

The only King and Queen for excuses around here are you and Robert. Bragging about getting an All-American FCS lineman, and then when he decides to choose Tulane over OSU the excuse was he wants to be closer to home.

“If we have a full roster we win!!!”. Baylor didn’t have a full roster either.

“It’s all Desmond Jackson’s fault”. Never once questioned the play-calling the entire game.

King and Queen of Excuses

Were they missing their center and No 1 running back Joey ?!?! Gheez you make an excuse for Baylor ? How did we let 15-20 straight completions before we decided to cover the middle of the field ? We waited till half time before we did. We do that , we still win
You think Warren wouldn’t have trucked that DB ?

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How about missing their quarterback.

You talking about the one who left in the portal Jug ? Tell us the reason he left before you make stupid comments

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I’m talking about their starting quarterback who hurt his hamstring and came back to be the only quarterback to play in their bowl game. We’ll see if Gundy’s freshman quarterbacks can step in if Sanders gets hurt.

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Jug you being not that smart you didn’t understand the question. First he wasn’t a true freshman.
They offense Baylor ran wasn’t that exciting. You guys are on Gundy’s offense lol. So they didn’t ask the backup to do much. With Bohannon gone you can see there wasn’t much of a difference between the 2 qb.

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Our defense shut down Baylor in the second half. So the other two questions are left for you to answer:

  1. Why couldn’t we score at least one more touchdown out of eight red zone trips?

  2. Why did we think trying to run in the game winning touchdown with a lineman down and third string running back was the best play call?

You’re biotching about being down starters on offense. Why aren’t you questioning the coaching staff not making any kind of adjustments knowing they are down a lineman and 1,200 yard rusher? You mean to tell me Baylor could figure it out, but the best coach in school history couldn’t? Gundy was right. We’ll just do the “same thing we’ve always done”.

Look who’s crying it’s been 5 months. Get over it.

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It’s not crying Roberto. It’s trying to get answers to legitimate questions you guys are afraid to answer.

Joy it’s crying. When all you ever do is ask the same question every day that crying. No way to get around that fact.

I’m not saying we had issues and injuries. Since we has the best line in the big 12.

Same on woods, because logan was hurt woods would have got all the te work. With the young and injured recievers woods would have been targeted more.

I know these things are foreign ideas to you, since you have no common sense.

I know you will just jump to another excuse, but I’ve given you the facts

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Still not answering the questions lol.

Joy how can anybody answer your question. You want your answer. It’s wrong but it goes with you. I’ve answer ur 2 questions.
It’s sad that your on here exposing your stupid to the world.

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Kind of like saying Jelani was on a draft board at OSU when he wasn’t.

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You proved he was so your still sad.

It’s weird you making excuses for woods not making Virginia a winner by blaming the defense.

But it wasn’t the defense fault in 2018

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And it’s like you telling us how Corndog was awesome and consistently blaming the OSU defense. The only difference is Jelani was drafted and Corndog wasn’t. Why wasn’t Corndog able to make OSU a winner?

Nice deflection woods defense sucked is your excuse.
Whole point woods was so good in your mind Virginia should have won a weak league. I mean woods got drafted.

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And if Corndog was so good in your mind they should’ve done better than 7th in the conference.

Corndogs problem was consistency Joey, did you get all that from Mel ? He looked great in some games and bad in others. Spencer being in his first year wouldn’t have done better. Do your homework on that instead of throwing another insult at Gundy

I agree. He looked good against the good teams and bad against the bad teams.

It’s about the draft Joey. Corndog wasn’t so it’s fine he finished the we did. Woods did get draft but didn’t lead his team. If Knowles would have defend the whole field we would have done better.

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