Oklahoma State Makes Final Four for Top 100 Prospect Avion Carter

@robert28 and @joe15 just a little food for thought Jelani Woods 73rd pick Mason Rudolph 76th pick. :roll_eyes::thinking:

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You guys kill me. What does that matter.
We can talk good and bad about draft spots.
We can talk about #1 or the last spot. It’s great to get drafted. Does not guarantee chit.
Mason has a raise, made it past average years and probably will start. Woods hasn’t made the team yet.

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You’re right it doesn’t mean anything, just thought it was interesting. Oh and BTW with what has taken place in Pittsburgh they definitely don’t think Mason is the guy. Although they took a 24 year old guy with little hands.

I think mason will be fine. If the steelers want to generate buzz by getting a local qb, ok.
I really dnot care about nfl. If you gurls want to idolize a guy who had lil to do with osu more power to you

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Just pointing out the wasted talent. They like to mention them on the podcast too. Does that make them bad fans also?

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How is it anyone’s fault that mason is probably a career backup in the nfl. Please enlighten me

We haven’t thrown the ball around like we use to. But we never threw it 60 times a game. So he had plenty of chances. The whole deal is when you throw 30 times a game, your not waste them on a te.
Woods would have had a great year at osu if he stayed.
Logan injured with most of the recievers. Never know what could have been for him. Help when one or both of the loses. But, that’s his lose.

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You don’t get to pick and choose what’s good and what’s not when both players are in similar situations. That’s called being a hypocrite.

You praised Corndog even though he played on a 7-6 team that finished 7th in the conference with a defense that wasn’t that good. Add in the fact he led the offense to 12 points against K State and 17 points against Tech. You also had the audacity to call it winning.

Then Jelani is on a 6-6 team with a crappy defense. Then you criticize him and his team for only being able to go 6-6. Even though he’s being drafted (and like Corndog) doesn’t play on the defensive side of the ball. All you’ve done is consistently proven your bias towards OSU and Gundy. While criticizing players and programs that have done the same exact thing.

Right….you guys call him stone hands and a loser, but he would’ve had a great year at OSU?

You told one of the other guys on this site at least I read your post. I know you read mine but you never comprehend much.
Your the one that always pick and chooses
You make excuses for woods by saying they had a bad defense. Osu was 95th. That is double standard. Showing your bias it’s not in favor of osu.
We lost 4 games by 7 or less. You dnt think if the defense was say 55th we couldn’t have won those games. By winning those 4 we would have been in the title game.

Does woods have any records at osu. Corndog has 2
Most yards in a game. Tied with Barry with most td responsible for in a season.

You do make a great point. I know if he stayed he would have been passed to more last year. If his stone hands would have caught them.

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His stone hands got him picked two rounds before any OSU player, and the fact Virginia had more drafted on the offensive side over OSU tells me we have a lot of work to do in the development of our offensive players.

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Okay you still throwing chit against the wall !! Virginia may have had a couple of average players on offense drafted but that’s individuals Joey…. Anyone with a defense they lost , so Gundy is bad cause we didn’t get more drafted ? I’ve told you the O is young, they didn’t have 24 year old kids/men playing

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Tulsa and UT-Chattanooga developed at least one of their lineman good enough and they went in the first round. That just tells me either Josh Sills is lazy or we don’t invest in developing the offensive line like we should.

I just can’t figure out how ou or Texas couldn’t get one in the first round , or well any round with all of that high and mighty 4 star talent they have.


OU and Tech got at least one lineman drafted. That’s still one more than we have with supposedly one of the better offensive lines in the conference according to Robert.

My bad they had em a 7th rounder

It’s still better than no round, right?

Go read you buddy trambel. He talks how osu had great coaching since the went so from with lil drafted

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You’re right. We had some great coaching on the defensive side of the ball.

It’s funny we had to out score nd and uo in a shoot out

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