Oklahoma State Makes Late Offer to 2020 Athlete Rashod Owens

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Owens is a do-it-all offensive weapon.

Didn’t see elite quickness, but good speed and size. Wonder if this could be a defensive convert like Ramon.

I love that 3 of the first 4 plays on his highlights are him blocking. My kind of guy. I know stars are important, but if your coaching staff can analyze film as good or better than the recruiting services what’s not to like about that?

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But, can he wrestle too? Wrestlers seem to be the only ones that tackle properly IMO …

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Imo they should go defense instead another WR

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I hope he becomes a good player. He kind reminds me of Desmond Roland. Same size and looks to be not quite as fast yet. Similar running style. If he doesn’t work at RB perhaps he would be a good safety. or smaller LB

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A. If he can play either RB or WR, the staff will not utilize him properly, see Hill, Tyreek

B. Now OSU is “Blue Blooding” Kansas! Texas takes OSU’s commits, so hey I bet Les Miles has unearthed some rough diamonds. Let’s look over the guys he’s offered.

He looks strong to me. Speed is above average, probably a 4.7, 4.8 electronically timed guy which translates to 4.5~4.6 handheld. Good weight program like we have could mean good player IMO. I don’t see why he’s not at least a 2- or 3-star recruit.

WR me thinks

What do you mean by blue blooding Kansas?

Just that OSU’s coming in late on a prospect with offers from lesser programs. Texas flipped an OSU commit, and now OSU is trying to swoop in and get a kid who’s best offer (IMO) is from Kansas.