Oklahoma State Makes Top 5 for 2025 Four-Star Corner Kobi Foreman

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Could Foreman be the first piece in OSU’s 2025 class?

“His 0.8948 Composite score is higher than any of the Cowboys’ 2024 commits.”

Is this really the best we can do?

He is a 4 star again never enough

Out of our entire 2024 class so far? Geez!!! No wonder we’ve gone 12+ years without a championship. We don’t recruit as well as we used to, and we hire chitty assistants now.

We have 2 title game in 3 years. Yes were falling apart at the seem.

2 titles games and 3 years = zero championships so far.

I’m pretty sure 4 star players on the defense has always been a difficult get for us. Biggest complaint I have is how often 4 star players don’t work out for us and move on. We have the most success with 3 star players so that’s usually all who’ll give us serious looks.

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