Oklahoma State Makes Top 5 for Four-Star Defensive Back Warren Roberson

Originally published at: Oklahoma State Makes Top 5 for Four-Star Defensive Back Warren Roberson | Pistols Firing

USC is the favorite.

Nagel from 247 siad we have 2 cb mite be coming.

I know a a&m decommited we got kendal like that.

The was a rumor we have more room then first thought. Which should be early to know whos going to the portal.

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Can they go to the portal anytime they want or is there a time period for it ?

Rite now players can go into the portal any time. If a player goes to the portal now or during the season the basically set out the year. They cant transfer till January wont play till next year.
They are talking about doing windows players can inter into the portal which i dnt real see how thats a big deal.

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Silly boys, 4 stars are for everybody else.

Iv got trust that gundy will uphold the 3star U.

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Look buddy do you know why this kid is decommiting. Cause a&m has to many cb.
Ive seen teams take 3 qbs. 7 water boys. Its funny you and you sowing circle always take about gundy and his recruits. We always win. Always

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Always meaningless games you mean. Get it straight please.

You real did to sobber up. " meaningless games" what games. If you mean real games, no one has talked about games. If you mean games has in recruiting. Well we talked about getting a good 4star. How is that meaningless. Your wanting 4stars. And Kendall looks like is a starter. Sobber up i worry about you

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