Oklahoma State NCAA Infractions

The Lamont Evans stuff comes out later today. I promised a source I wouldn’t spill the beans, but I was told that we are not going to be very pleased with how this plays out. It does make me wonder what’s going to happen to Kansas.



I withdraw my optimism from the other thread.

We’re boned.

As long as it’s not postseason ban, we can breathe a little.

Ah, the rules of 2020 have appeared.


Please not a post season ban this season :cry::sneezing_face:

Well, Oklahoma State was the end of the BCS, we may be the end of the NCAA.




This is the optimism I am here for


Have any of the other schools caught up in this probe received punishment yet?

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So based on what you indicated and assumptions that we have made about KU. It’s not sounding like a post season ban. Maybe loss of scholarship? Which is no big deal to OSU fans see’s 2018 season in the rear view, but kinda scares me cause that’s something I wouldn’t like, but won’t freak out about. However, you make it seem like it will anger us more than that. So after this conversation with myself I am going to go get my tobacco fix and maybe hit up the Mexican restaurant for some tequila shots before I make my next work visit.

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I think Porter has told us all he can right now and with his post here and posts in the other thread, I think we may need to steel ourselves for a ban this year and everything terrible that comes along with that.

This year blows goats.

I’m so pumped for us to get a postseason ban the year we have our most talented player ever while KU will probably get off completely clean because the people who work for and are involved with the NCAA are the most dreadful human beings alive.

Do we even have a chance to appeal whatever they announce today?

So if it is bad as Kyle is suggesting then I would expect Holder/Boynton to be announcing the appeal,

This is a good question that Boynton and Holder will be asked on a Zoom call later today. I was told they were taken aback by the punishment. (Never hoped a source was more wrong than I do right now!)

Yes, Holder and Boynton will be speaking today.

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Has anything good come out of 2020? Like, at all? All of this sucks


This is literally going to make me sick. How many times can we get screwed by the NCAA?!

Most of the other cases with the FBI probe (including KU) are being appealed to the new Independent Accountability Resolution Process (IARP)


Article about the power of the panel: https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/2020/05/02/scary-new-ncaa-independent-enforcement-model-eyes-memphis-n-c-state/3047915001/

OSU is going to get a post season ban. Covid will strike back up next March in fear of not gaining revenue they will have a BCS style championship. Which OSU will be ranked #1 NCAA will let them play and Cade will hang a banner. Or we KU it and no games are played and we call ourselves the National Champions in which OU mocks for the next 20 years again.
Please excuse me while I curl up into the fetal position for the next several hours.