Oklahoma State No. 13 in ESPN's Way-Too-Early Top 25 for 2020

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Never too soon to talk about next year.

Why not drink the Kool-Aid?! I’m already pumped and wanting to purchase Big12 Championship tickets!


Do you find it a little bit interesting that McMurphy has Iowa State at 10 and the Pokes at 24, considering he is an OSU alum? Is he trying hard not to show bias? I understand not wanting to be a homer, but to have OSU 14 spots behind the Cyclones is a little much and to have them in the Top 10!!

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I would put us in the 20-25 range

Also #15 according to Stewart Mandel of The Athletic.

Yes I do. It’s dumb. Iowa State? They will never be a top 10 team. IT’s just dumb. Iowa State has a solid O but they lost their D and went 7-6 this year. It’s just flat silly. Brett- man up. What is it with OSU alums trying too hard to be non bias that they become dumb as crap.

OSU alums just try to dang hard to be accepted. Man up. Grow a pair and support your team when they are good.

Jared, you say 20 to 25 range. I would put you in the grow a pair range.

I for one can’t believe we weren’t picked number 1. Gundy showed on national TV last night that he is much smarter than the rest of the coaches out there.

13 seems high