Oklahoma State Offers 2023 Quarterback Bo Edmundson

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He hails from a high school known for producing QBs.

Its still along way to go


Only recruiting news worth taking a look at and getting excited for is a new head coach everything else is status quo.

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But his list of suitors is exciting, UTSA and SMU :joy: killing it on the recruiting trail for 2023!!! Heck yea man.

Who’s looking for a new coach. He is a sophomore and play 5 games looks a lot like the new commit. Needs weight.
But hit guys in stride, went to third option and second
So Joe I mean Jeff how many qb have u evaluated for college teams.


I said qb not lollipops

I evaluate quarterbacks every year while watching college football. And OSU has not had a good quarterback since Weeden so as bad as Texas is at evaluating quarterbacks osu is getting close. Rudolph was not horrible but not good enough.

And you know how that turned out :trophy:

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Did u pass out a wake up still sucking the lollipop. U r almost as funny as Joe. Come on Jeff I know u can do better.

That’s what we’re after Robert, we are after gold baby, trophy’s, hardware, championships or why play the game? Listen big boy…you have to be a competitive person to understand sports and I think you will come around soon. I thought we had a breakthrough the other day but seems like your going back under your rock.


Hilarious u Joe ar0 r going to save osu football. I think I will leave it to gundy. So mr competitive who should be are next coach. I always :heart: it when Joe answer this question.

If your waiting for Gundy to get us to any kind of championship game then all I can tell you is you’ll either pass away or Gundy will be retired before that ever happens again.

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