Oklahoma State Offers Buffalo Transfer Safety Devin Grant

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Grant was an All-MAC selection this season.

All-MAC First Team selection? That’s got to be AT LEAST a $200 IHOP gift card as part of the NIL deal.

So you will handke that when he give you the order

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Where’s Cayden?

That was about the same thing you said on Leon Johnson wasn’t it joy ? Was he trash ? You become a bigger idiot every single day

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Not trying to brag here Bob, but $200 is pocket change for me.

I don’t know. Why don’t you ask Kasey Dunn and Mike Gundy? They were the ones that didn’t see him worthy enough to be a starter. I wasn’t the one that made that decision.

See , you don’t know football joy. The plan was to redshirt him for a year. He was in agreement with it But we had to play him because of injured WR
Maybe @robert28 can explain it better for you. But you made fun of bringing in a D111 kid !! That was when you were losing your mind last year

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I don’t know football? Sounds like our coaching staff needs to hire an evaluation specialist to tell them the players that “give them the best chance to win”.

Now you’re arguing just for the sake of arguing. Don’t you get what I said ? They planned on redshirting him, give him a year with Glass. We have good enough receivers to win , Johnson would be a draft pick next year. I hope somehow he gets his year back

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It’s not going to do any good if your OC can’t figure out how to get the ball to them halfway through the season. A little ridiculous that most people know who your best receiving options are, and they have to get on Twitter to tell the 15th highest paid OC in the country who he should give the ball to.

Johnson is a nice player, but there’s no guarantee he would be a draft pick. A dude that had two or three decent games in one season isn’t an automatic bid for an NFL draft. There’s other options out there for draft picks outside of Stillwater you dimwit.

You moron he was scheduled to play next year !! After a year in the weight room. Yet you made snide remarks about him when he came. If you think he isn’t above average go check his tape, course you don’t know football so it probably wouldn’t do you any good
I didn’t say he was a certain draft pick, I said another year to develop at 6’4” , he caught balls this year that were much more than ordinary

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How do you know? You don’t think there are good wide receivers out there at other schools? NFL scouts don’t just go to Stillwater to scout, and then go back home you idiot. Do you have any idea what it takes for a WR to be drafted? There are 259 draft picks in the NFL total. Anywhere from 28 to 30 of those draft picks on average are wide receivers.

There are 130 D1 schools. Meaning there is roughly 400 receivers in college football starting on a collegiate team. Meaning he would have to be one of the top 8% receivers in the country to get drafted. So to make the claim “Johnson would be a draft pick next year” is one of two things:

  1. Really bold

  2. Really stupid

For example, let’s take Marcell Ateman. He had 1,156 yards receiving, an average combine grade, and was only the 228th pick in the draft. So, I’m not ready to go out on a limb and say Johnson would’ve been a draft pick next year. Stop talking out of your ess and research football for a change.

Oh but you’re talking out your asz , you are so totally anti OSU you can’t recognize talent when it’s there in front of you. The kid ( man) was thrown in before he was expected to go play this year. He’s 6’ 5” and if you watched he caught balls over most DB that a 6’ guy had no chance
You really should learn football joy We have tried telling you yet you aren’t capable of learning. Is it your bias or just stupidity ? It has to be one of the two
Ateman did get about 3 years in the league in case you missed that. You’re totally blind to the truth that sticks out. Suck a pitiful mess

You’re on of the same guys on here that said Jelani Woods sucked, and said he can’t catch the ball. Then he had one of the best seasons as a rookie TE in the NFL, and he has the best combine of any of the tight ends. Did you admit you were wrong? Nope!!! You and your lover doubled down and went after everyone on here. So who is the one here that needs to learn football?

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Where’s he at now?

What difference does it make. ? He was with the Raiders for 2-3 years. That’s called making the league you imbecile

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What are stone hands numbers this year ? :grin:

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Still doesn’t take away from the fact he did better than you said he initially would. Looks like you’re still wrong :man_shrugging:.

Maybe they made a mistake too joy :joy:

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