Oklahoma State Offers Dual-Sport In-State Product Morgan Pearson

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Pearson is a high school sophomore and throws an 88 mph fastball.

So he’s from my neck of the woods!!! I guess if he’s focused on football he should probably go to Iowa State. His odds of winning a Big 12 championship and national title are better at that school.

What ya mean joe? He’ll never be ranked high enough in the recruiting rankings To appease you for football anyway. :man_shrugging:


I didnt know we had hillbillies

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He’s only a sophomore. He still has 2 more years to up his rating. Calm down now!!!

Yeah I didn’t either until I’d seen the grammatical errors in your posts.

Lol oh ok , but if he’s a three star we don’t want him right?!

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Depends I suppose. Is he a Brennan Presley 3 star or is he a 3 star recruit that belongs to North Texas? He is coming from the same school Justin Blackmon came from. Just saying!!

Dude I’ve watched your comments for awhile now, you never thought Brennan was worthy till the Miami game , don’t gimme your bs lol your a joke :joy:


I can’t tell if anyone is worthy until the HC actually plays them. One play the entire season until the Miami game doesn’t tell me a whole lot.

But you ran down that whole recruiting class as trash because there was only one 4* ? Contradicting much, so he can’t recruit or coach huh?


That’s joe hates 3stars and walkons

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Not that exciting film. So if he gets draft in baseball we wont have him. If baseball is his main sport then isu is out completely
If joe is still a fan ou will get him

I never said it was a bad thing having 3 star recruits. I only said you probably aren’t going to win much with nearly the entire roster being 3 star recruits.

It’s funny osu has always won with majority of 3 stars. I wonder were Joe’s been

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Yeah if he’s throwing 88 as a sophomore he’s probably going to be sitting 92-94 depending how well he progresses by his senior year. If that’s the case he’ll get drafted out of high school. If so I wish him the best and hope the Cardinals get him!

I feel for a couple of r guys. The virus and only 5 rounds got us some good players

Lol oh it’s only the 3 stars that don’t meet up to your standards you have a problem with ! :joy: lol what a fan you are my friend

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Definitely, College baseball has some dudes in it right now. At all levels.

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JB 2.0?