Oklahoma State Offers Dual-Threat Quarterback Hauss Hejny

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Hejny committed to Duke last month.

Kid looks like he has a cannon. He does use his whole body to throw the ball like some of out guys.


I love this kid’s highlight video. I’m
Not a huge fan of dual threat QBs, but very few place the ball like this kid does. Seems to have real control of his playbook…and holy speed!!!


This kid very much reminds me of a kid that had a very solid career at Penn State…Trace McSorley. With the speed this kid seems to have , his lack of height is a non factor IMO.


Yes please.

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You actually got a fact rite

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I would like to get him. Huge fan and believer in a mobile QB even if he isn’t a prolific passer. Extra weapon on the field. I always wanted us to get a Michael Vick, Lamar Jackson, another Zac Robinson, or Russel Wilson type guy. Option Read or after some check downs take off smoking people. I know how some people feel about Sanders but to me we didn’t use his legs enough. Heck I don’t mind my QB getting 10 carries or more. Makes me wonder if will change the offense again after Flores or Rangel is gone going after this guy?

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I think College and NFL is finally getting away more from the big QBs stereo type that stand then throw. I’d take a Wilson type guy or at least a younger version of one. That uncanny ability to extend plays or hurt a team with extra legs to force a defense to change up to impose your will. Love how football has changed to mobile QBs. When I played only running from the QB coach liked was from the option or a bootleg play. But hated it if the QB left the pocket.