Oklahoma State Offers Four-Star Booker T. Athlete Micah Tease

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Tease is Class of 2023.

This should make some of r tulsa fans.
Be a good one to get.
With this latest news our recruiting should get going again

Finally Jesus Christ.

The Cowboy coaching staff waits too long to extend offers to these kids. I have witnessed this over and over through the Gundy era. In addition when a kid doesn’t kiss the ring or bow down and dust off the king’s sandals upon his arrival the staff moves on.

I have notice that in tulsa the cowboy fan get impatient when it comes to local kids. There were a few on here last year saying the same stuff about presley.
He was offered and he committed. If this wants to be a cowboy he will commit. He’s got a big list of schools.

Presley didn’t have the looks that Tease has. The Pokes knew about Tease long before he blew up around the country. They did nothing to secure their position with him while they had the chance.

He’s got a good list of offers that came before ours. If you want to beat other programs especially the one down the road getting in early is key. OU offered him a month ago. You’ve got to be on these guys before they are to increase the chance of beating them out.

Well logan grab a handful of scholarships. Tomorrow when u go to class at ur Jr high, start handing them out.

Funny guy Roberto. Maybe the guy getting paid $4 million a year should get his as$ in gear and do it himself.