Oklahoma State Offers Highly Touted Tight End Michael Trigg

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Trigg has some nasty film.

I’m confused, the knowers of recruiting things say he’s too slow to be a WR, too small to play true TE or Cowboy Back types of roles, he’s never had to block anybody, and he’s made his stats catching against “shoddy competition”. But 4-5 years from now he’s a Draft Pick?!?!

Makes me wonder what they say about 3* guys. Not enough to go look or get all into the crootin’, but slightly curious.

Seriously though, why is this guy a 4*? Not trying to knock the kid, I hope he doesn’t see my post. But if the recruiting services say those things about him, how does all that add up to 4*???

I agree with your points for a 4* recruit! He might be a great player someday but it seems to be a difficult projection with the brief bio listed. I wonder if he is considering any basketball offers?

Did you watch the film???

No, but I’m assuming he looks like a good receiver with natural hand catch ability against shoddy competition.

Question, and why do we still recruit TE’s? To block?