Oklahoma State Offers In-State Talent Will Smith

You’re dumb dude. You said the biggest thing with Knowles was his 3rd down play, and that Mason’s wasn’t that bad. OSU was practically tied for 3rd on 3rd down percentage. Holding an opponent to practically 28 completions for every 100 3rd downs.

Auburn was 37th allowing 36 completions for every 100 3rd downs. I like Mason and I think he’ll do well, but how on earth at this moment can you actually say that? We haven’t seen Mason at OSU yet and you’re indicating that he’ll have a better 3rd down defense than Knowles ( I hope so).

It’s not my fault you post stupid stuff on here without first verifying the validity of what you’re talking about. If you want someone to be angry with then it should be yourself. Stop wasting my time, think this stuff over, and for the love of God at least make an attempt to verify something before blatantly posting something on here that you completely contradict yourself on.

You took “knowles thing” as a bad thing. Like usaul.
I rote that you would comment just the way you did.

Joy if cant understand English stop typing.

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If you can’t put what you’re trying to say in better context for an audience then you should probably stop posting on here.

  1. Based on the context of what you post it’s obvious you’ve never stepped foot on a college campus.

  2. You call everyone stupid when they ask you to verify what you’re actually saying because it’s so phucked up.

When you write something for an audience it’s supposed to be in context to where the audience understands it, and is minimal in error. Based on what you’ve said about the defense, and how horrible of a game you try to say they played, why wouldn’t any person on here comprehend your talking chit about Knowles and the defense as a whole?

Learn to read. I started with knowles “thing” then compared mason as not to bad at aburn. I said i hope we maintain. With a better front mason could. Even 36% not terrible.

The problem is you read things the way you think it is not for real.

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The problem is you’ve never learned (or been taught) how to address the audience. Your sentence I just quoted is a perfect example of confusing the audience.

Joy you cant read. You have a narrative you are looking for evidence to support it.
Your like your dad jug. Every time its mentioned gundy is the winning coach, sissy jug has to say he is the loosest coach. Which is only true by volume. No way by percentage.

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You can’t write bro!!!

I rote it.
Look when you stop thinking about gundy you could live a normal life.

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Look when you start to write in the correct context you won’t have to struggle explaining what you mean in three different responses.

Im not the one with the obsession.

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Stop liking your own comments. It’s really sad.

Lol i got a like early when i called you a yahoo.
Its sad your dad got drunk today and couldn’t like you

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It’s your other account known as Michael. Stop talking to yourself.

Lol not suprised your wrong go scroll back its not who you think it was. Well im sure he has now but, thats two liking me to call you a yahoo.

Likes ate like your narrative. You just ess/ ume your an ess.

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We all know it’s your second account. You don’t have to hide it. The fact that your life revolves how many likes you get from the PFB site just reinforces the idea of how sad your life currently is. Personally I don’t really give a dam how many likes I get. If that’s what I really cared about I would put on the orange shades like 85% of the people on this blog. Good luck liking your own comments :+1:.

Joy your a messed up guy. I have 1 account and you do care when people like my post. Especially when i make fun of you. I love how you made no progress on taking football, you make up chit that i have fake account. What a loser.

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No….not at all. You just wish I cared. Like I said…your life revolves around PFB likes.

You can’t be special ed and think you’re making fun of me lol.

Joy you get more batchit crazy everyday thinking Robert has two accounts and likes his own posts… lol It eats you up that he gets likes and his opinion runs with probably the majority on here… Gheez man you need to get off the Gundy obsession and get a life :joy:

Your the one lieing all tbe time. Its funny listen yo you care and make stuff up. Ive been on here for years then your idlo tomato slice has a break down and now i have two accounts. Sad and pathetic joy

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