Oklahoma State Offers New Mexico Transfer Center Bayron Matos

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OSU targets a new big.

He is a big body. Last I saw 245lb gain 30 lb ( worry)
Nothing real jumps out. 20 min. 6 pts. 52%. But under 40 ft%.


It’s a shame to see some of these guys we are after settling for teams that are clearly inferior to OSU. But kudos to Boynton for continuing to go after what he knows the team needs badly, a true big man. As I have said here multiple times, the days of having underweight tall guys guarding the rim needs to be in the past and not part of the present or future at OSU. I understand that Bernard Koumo, or however he spells his name, is not underweight but he also is not talented enough to be playing in the Big 12.

Thats why I hope we fine a nice player ur two. Don’t want to just throw scholarship at guys. Koumo did get better and just a freshman, so four years? Kinda like this kid. Yea scored like 6 a game but at new Mexico.
Thought we would try to get a taller guy.