Oklahoma State Offers Trio of Athletic Tight End Prospects

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The Cowboys are after some jumbo wide receivers.

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Since we never throw to the Cowboy back, why don’t we just get more offensive lineman?


“All three guys are jumbo wide receivers, an interesting recruiting philosophy to track as the 2023 class develops.”

How is it interesting? We’ve all known for the better part of 3-4 years now that having a big TE to throw to in the middle of the field has it’s advantages. I guess Gundy and the rest of his offensive staff had to be convinced by Jelani’s success at Virginia that it might be useful now. Now let’s see if we actually throw it to them.


It’ll never happen. Gundy is going to continue the same exact offense that he has ran the last three years.

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Of course the clown show continues. Maybe it’s time…

I would be shocked if osu could get a scholarship TE to come here if he has other offers. But hey what the heck.

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U yahoos are hilarious we do have one of the most highest paid te in the nfl.

We also have a guy that’s most likely getting drafted out of Virginia that we never threw the ball to. There is always that one OSU player (or former player) that proves he’s been underutilized.

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I’m glad woods had a nice year. They could afford to throw at him until he caught a ball.

He caught enough to be considered a 3rd round pick. Wondering if we should start doing the same. Pettigrew wasn’t drafted for his blocking skills.

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I was about to say the same thing plus it must be very difficult to recruit anybody at the TE position since they are only blockers apart from maybe 10 passes caught per season. Jelani Woods wasn’t wrong to transfer. Why have the position if you’re not going to throw to them???

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Three? It hasn’t really changed much at all since Monken was calling plays.

I agree 100%.

I know. I’m tired of it too. We need to find a true TE.

Actually I was referring to wearing the shoes…

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