Oklahoma State Offers Vanderbilt Defender De'Rickey Wright

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Wright was committed to Alabama at one point in high school.

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Are we gonna feel bad for Vandy if we get these guys ?


They are leaving vandy. That’s like another guys wife. If we dnt sleep with her she just go some where else.


Nope, nobody felt sorry for us when we had 12 players hit the portal.

This is an opportunity to get someone with size and speed. He would have an opportunity from the time he arrived to be a starter. I like the idea of getting in a few transfers after what we have lost. It would be nice to have had some film on him.

I like it. Hope we get him. Can’t go wrong with a guy Saban thought was good enough to play for Bama.

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Interesting that we are trying to get some players from one of the worse college football teams. But if he was initially accepted by Alabama, and now Texas wants him, he must be good. But a very strange choice of ending up at Vanderbilt. He went from the top to the bottom.
Playing for Vandy is like playing for Kansas.

Since the 3 vandy guys were recruited by Mason we will find out something about Mason. If they come to osu. And if they are any good.

If they come then tells us how they may feel about mason.

If they are good it will tells us how he can evaluate and recruit.