Oklahoma State on the Fringes of Major Polls after Win in Morgantown

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The Cowboys would be No. 31 in expanded polls.

I bet if OSU beats Cincinnati they’ll be ranked going into Bedlam. Having both teams ranked makes for better ratings.


They have to play at Kansas next week. That has the potential to end up being a really good game.

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Any chance gameday is there if that’s the case?

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Its possible with it being the last Bedlam. Two other games to watch would be Missouri v. Georgia or LSU v. Alabama

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Watching Mizzou get stomped seems real exciting.

Bedlam game time should be out today. It’ll either be 11am on FOX or prime time on ABC. As a Sooner fan……PLEASE BE 11AM!

Twitter seems near positive its 11 am on Fox. So pathetic.

Well there’s something you don’t see everyday: An OU fan wanting an early kickoff :rofl:

Yeah, I totally understand why.


As a fan……I LOVE EM! As a player, I’d hate it. As a coach, I’d hate it.

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Looks like they’ve given it the “6 day window” treatment. If both teams win Sat, I bet it’s 11. If either lose……630

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We would be ranked if we were 7-0! :thinking:

Can someone point me toward the tie-breaker rules to make the Big12 title game? Assuming we don’t win bedlam, we could easily be in a 3 way tie with Tex and K-State for 2nd in the conference and I don’t know how that plays out.

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That’s cool. You’re actually one of the few fans I’ve seen or talk to who likes the early kickoff.

I absolutely love it. Get your game in and done by 230. Gives you the entire day to do whatever you want. The night games would be great to play in……but as a fan that went to Bedlam last year getting home at 1am!!! No way

11am if we are going to lose. Just get it over with. 630pm if we’re going to win and party till the next morning. I wish it worked like that. :joy:

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Yeah i totally understand your reasons. I’m more of a 2:30 kick-off man myself. Don’t have to get up early, got plenty of time for pre game, and the games end around 6 so plenty of time to get home or do something else.