Oklahoma State Part of a Pretty Exclusive 90-Win Club in the 2010s

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OSU has been better than … almost everyone.

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Great decade. Let’s keep building from here and see the next decade be even better.


Spurrier beat Dabo 5 straight years. Dabo won 10, 11 and 11 the last 3 years of that. My how the angst has no doubt flipped in that series.

It’s been an amazing stretch! So fun to watch! That’s incredible company to be in, even including BSU and N. Ill. Pretty impressive.
Oh, and fire Gundy…


Fire Gundy!

The Rodney Dangerfield of college football.

Yet still averages about 4th in conference.

I for one am getting tired of “Gooner Magic”. We need to end this decade with some inspired “Poke Mojo”. and keep it going into next ten. Don’t you think Texas and Iowa State would change places with the OSU in a New York minute. Win Saturday and our less disadvantaged bowl game and we have 10 wins. With another year in the system, we ought to start the Next Decade with a bang. Heck, even the Big 12 moved the OU/OSU game back to the middle of the year. Just we keep hoping for Championships each year, just to have stinky bite us in the butt, but somehow, someway it’s got to change even with Gundy at the Helm.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

This is not possible. There was an incredibly insightful comment during the WVU game that Gundy is the least intelligent head coach in the NCAA. How can he be ranked so high by his RESULTS?? Apologies for the sarcasm, everyone have a great Thanksgiving.

Squinky?!? :flushed:

55 and 30 in conference.

Checking in on our compatriots who played the winningest teams of the decade, ouch, mega ouch and hey a win vs a backup QB.

Yet a backup QB is the dead nail for Gundy.

Your one note is boring.

The truth irritated a lot of people,