Oklahoma State Picked Seventh in Big 12 Preseason Poll

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The Cowboys are in the middle of the pack.

I think Kansas is a bit low (never thought I would say that) but other than that it looks about right.

Who is the Orange-Kool-aid-chugging-Homer who picked OSU first place?!


I just now noticed that. Can you say WTF was he smoking? LOL!

If we finish 7th it’s time to riot.

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Texas is back? Again? :roll_eyes:

With the schedule we have if we got 7th we better be on the lookout for someone that wants to come in and earn 8 mil a year.

Only because they don’t have to play us this year! Lol. Their O-line should be improved but I don’t see how they will be much better than they were last year.

Maybe I need to take the orange colored glasses off but Kstate and OU are the only two teams on are schedule I feel like we shouldn’t win and even then I don’t think Kstate will be as good as last year and OU was pretty bad. I think we have a real chance to make a run in the conference not because we’re that great but because our schedule is that easy.

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When you expect good things you should expect the worst. That’s what I’ve learned under Gundy.

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If we had last years schedule I would predict a losing season. We should not have lost to Kansas, or West Virginia last year. We’ll see how good Bowman is….

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Or OU if we’re going to be honest here. That first quarter was all nails in the coffin, and we helped hammer them in.

True, we should have beaten them as well.

Everybody has lost faith in gundy. He’s to ■■■■ old and been here to long and stuck in his ways. It’s all true. Happens to every coach. High’s and the decline comes after. Hate it that the new administration has yet to make a coaching change yet. He must have some dirt on these folks.

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The administration and the athletics director lack the intestinal fortitude to hold anyone accountable. That all vanished when Boone passed and Holder retired.