Oklahoma State QB Commit Garret Rangel Shines at Elite 11 Camp

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The Cowboys’ committed gunslinger was getting praise alongside the nation’s top QB prospects.

Espn already has in their top 300

Jacob Sexton also scheduled an official visit in June.

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Be a big pull. everbody got him going to ou

Let’s hope as his QB ranking rises he stays committed thru next November.


We just need him to gain about 100 pounds now.

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I’m surprised he didn’t get deducted a star for committing to oSu. Ole political B$ w/ the recruiting rankings.

He’ll probably pull a Nick Starkel and decommit and go to OU or a better football school once his player rating starts to get higher.

Does he want to be a potential starter in the NFL one day and maybe win a Heisman? Or does he want to be a short career backup in the NFL and maybe make 2nd or 3rd team all-conference?

Most of those teams have qb commits, so I doubt he wants to sit the bench before the pros.

You don’t sit the bench if you have a coach that knows how to develop you.

Even riley and ou can break rules enough to play to qbs. Do u even know what u rite. If he goes to ou he will ride the bench for 4 yrs.

Presley is announcing his commitment tomorrow. No coverage on that? Guessing he’s not picking the Pokes

OU doesn’t need QBs to stay all 4 years. You know why? It’s because they have a history of making them good enough that they can declare for the NFL after their RS Sophomore year.

It’s not like with Mason Rudolph where he needs to be on campus for 4-5 years to learn how not to fumble the ball without any pressure on him (which he still did regardless).

If your a Heisman winner or contender until the very end you don’t need to stay in college football for two more years unless you elect to do so, or unless you play at OSU because the coach isn’t good enough to develop you at an earlier stage.

That is why he would be able to see action in less time at OU. He doesn’t have to sit around on the sidelines at OSU praying that the QB is good enough to get drafted early.

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We talking about this qb. Really u sucking up ou’s shorts is par for u.

All I’m saying is if his rating goes up and he gets an offer from them don’t be surprised if we’re to decommit.

I’m going to assume he envisions being a starting QB in the NFL someday and not holding the jockstrap for the starting QB in the NFL.

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And all I’m say is if ou gives an offer he will be their 2nd qb this year and sit the bench at ou. Rattle my go in 2 years but they got #1 qb last year. Then he will fight to beat this year’s recuirt and hope there is not more come in.
So riding the bench after playing at osu is better then riding the bench at ou.

One year of playing at OU gets you a starting job in NFL while 4 years at OSU gets you years as a bench warmer.

Yea rite. I’ve said u still have to start that one year. Ar0 ur a lil slow.

If he goes to OU and is behind two guys he would still probably make it to the NFL faster than a QB at OSU that plays for 4-5 seasons.

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