Oklahoma State QB Commit Shane Illingworth to Miss Under Armour Game

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/oklahoma-state-qb-commit-shane-illingworth-to-miss-under-armour-game/

Illingworth has an injury that he’s working to come back from.

“Oklahoma State, where he could potentially start at QB3 on the depth chart as soon as next year.”

Do we really think he will start out at QB3?! I will take ALL odds on him starting out at QB2… Of all the information saying Costello isn’t any good I see Shane shooting up the depth chart.


Any chance Shane comes in for winter conditioning,& will compete during the Spring? I think that helps his depth chart chances if he does. Hopefully it’s not a serious injury,he seems like a great add

He’ll red shirt, right? I mean he might appear on the depth chart for kicks, but I doubt he gets to hand off once in a bowl game year 1.