Oklahoma State Regular Season Grades: Quarterback

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See how Spencer and Dru graded out.

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Optimistic that Sanders will improve next year. Hopefully less turnovers and less jump balls. The Cowboys are definitely going to have Wallace next year but I still hope he can start hitting receivers in stride on deep throws.

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Is there a world where 2 and 30 BOTH come back next year?

There is! Let’s just hope we’re living in it. Hubbard and Wallace did not walk for senior night… sooo there’s a chance.

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No 300 yard passing game all year is 1000% Gundy. The direction of the program on offense is sad to watch on game day. After watching Stoops move away from the spread after 2012 it pains me to watch oSu follow the same path. Then to watch how much better they instantly became hiring Riley makes me scratch my head on Gundy’s approach.

I’m convinced that even if Hubbard, Wallace, and Sanders all come back next season with a majority of the defense retiring Gundy and company will still find a way to stay out of the Big 12 championship game.

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Meant to say “returning” instead of “retiring”

Sorry to say but I thiink that you might be correct. The coaches must find a way to adjust to the opposition’s game plan at halftime if not during the playing time itself. Too often this year we kept banging our head against the wall by running the wrong plays at the wrong time…sometimes the same play over and over. Too many examples to put them all into one comment.