Oklahoma State Releases First Depth Chart of the 2021 Season

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Four true freshmen make the two-deep.

Brennan Presley as the punt returner and I’m there for it.

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No Collin Clay?

We’re 0-for-2 on Collins…no Clay…no Oliver. But we both know they’ll play!

My question is:

If the freshman outperform the starters in the first few games in less time played will they get more playing time? Or will they be benched?


Benched then redshirted like they should be. Then go into the portal

Their body’s are not quite mature enough and need 5 more ponds to hold up before they hit the freshman wall. Said they need 13 games under their belt before they can start figuring out how to play the position that they played their whole entire life :joy: LOL :joy: LOL :joy:. Cowboy culture son!!!

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Without Brennan Presley’s touchdown in the Iowa State game we lose. Without Brennan Presley’s performance against Miami it could be said we could’ve lost that game too.

The same coach you support until you are no longer on this planet is the same coach that didn’t play him another down after the touchdown against Iowa State, and is also the same coach that said “You can’t replace experience” when it was obviously proven by Presley himself that you can.


I mean just look at the depth chart. I assume that the name first indicates who is #1 guy and out of the hole team and positions which have multiple guys at one position only 3 times do they have a guy that is younger named first and one of the is kick returner other two was RT and DE in which trace Ford is a freak. Not one freshman is listed first at any position. You mean to tell me there is not one freshman on this team that we have recruited that is better than what is starting at every position? Or is it the system of gundy’s to put you time in then you get your turn? Or it’s just because they put the older ones first on the list out of respect? I’m going whith what Iv been saying for years is that is gundy’s system to put your time in before it’s your time no matter if a kid is alittle bit better than the older in less it blatantly obvious that the kid is head and shoulders over another. I will say it aging this is bush league coaching at its finest. His system is not championship football I’m sorry.

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In this system we are handcuffed and always will be. Sad

I’m willing to throw down any money that our transfer running back will be better than LD brown.

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What are u saying. I think I need a medium to translate.

You done need to translate common sense.

Ur rite I’ve dealt with idiots like u. No matter what I do u will never have common sense.

“As a true freshman at Oklahoma in 2017, he caught passes from quarterback Baker Mayfield, who would go on to win the Heisman Trophy. He played in all 14 games, posting 46 receptions (tied for second for freshman) for 807 yards (school freshman record) and seven touchdowns (tied the school freshman record).”

That was on Ceedee Lamb

In Gundy’s eyes experience can’t be replaced. Even if that experience sucks and shows it every game.

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Common sense is you play talent over experience that still sucks. That’s not hard to figure out.

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Just because he was tech best freshman and their best option, doesn’t back up ur point.

Who Lamb? I guess Marquise Brown and Mark Andrews weren’t better options.

What I dnt understand is presley played. And by the end of the year he was playing more.
So ur whole point is ur an idiot. Stop while ur a lil behind.

He did? When? One down against Iowa State and eventually the bowl game.