Oklahoma State Releases First Depth Chart of the 2021 Season

Baker did the same stuff at tech. If ur trying to saying presley is the next lamb then ur worse off then I thought.

He moved into the return game.
U do know that Miami was caught off guard by presley. His 2nd half was not as good.

I never said anything about him being better than Lamb, but it’s pretty obvious he was the better player in the Bowl game, and if his Head Coach ever played him we would get to know just how good he might be. The problem as always is Gundy’s obsession with experience over talent.

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No the problem is ur obsession with gundy.
I like presley I would not have said he is better then stoner. Stoner proved when he was in the z position he could haul them in. So the main problem is Sanders getting the ball to every one. Ur assessment using vudo is wrong again.

Stoner had 5 receptions for 43 yards. Presley had 6 receptions for 118 yards. That was in the Miami game. Of course though, we never get to find out because experience is better than talent I guess.

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Do did u miss the games he had 100, 200 yard games.
What is with u. Ur one of those egomaniac that would rather die then say ur wrong. U could just stop riting.

Anyway by ur logic presley should be bench this year so Richardson can play.

Orrrrr…here’s a crazy idea…play em both at the same time!! The point is to put as much talent on the field as possible every snap of the game. Then overwhelm opponent with said talent.


Now ur thinking. I will call gundy and tell him. Gundy mite want to know what werr going to with the other inside guy. I’m just saying, as Joey would say.

The other inside guy would be Brayden Johnson, a burner. Has the potential to be a rich man’s Josh Stewart. But, he needs to live up to it this season.

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Nope!!! Experience over talent is best. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to maintain the status quo of 4th place.

You’re absolutely right! I would much rather have a 92-year old guy on my team if I’m in a golf scramble than a 28-year old. Cause the 92-year old has been golfing for 60 more years. Who cares if the 28-year old hits his sand wedge further than the 92-year old hits his 5 iron?! Experience is what counts always.


Who cares if the kid 5 putts and hits his driver in to the rough everytime.

Made me think of Tincup where Costner puts it in the water several times with the 7 iron. Haha!

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Got to get the kid the ball in space a lot! He’s elusive, I wonder if Gundy saw that in the one game he got a lot of game action? :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re probably one of those who said Sanders should’ve started over Cornbread.

Surprised to see JP Richardson at #2. I was impressed by his highlights though, kid has some speed! But Presley’s bro can and probably should start somewhere next season.

This can’t be right . 3 stars don’t deserve to start as a junior, much less a freshman

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