Oklahoma State Safety Trey Rucker Announces Return for 2024

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/oklahoma-state-safety-trey-rucker-announces-return-for-2024/

Rucker had 100 tackles and made some big plays this past season.

Glad to have the depth but if Rawls is healthy, Rucker will be a backup.

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Hopefully he can stay out of trouble this year

Love it. Guy gets DUI’s and jogs after players scoring long touchdowns after they burned him.

How do you write this story without addressing legal issue?

So what was concluded from a legal standpoint. Did he get a plea deal, is the issue still outstanding, ???

The rumors I saw floating around were the second DUI was bullshit. Might be why Gundy didn’t get rid of him after allowing him a second chance. But who really knows these days.

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Shouldn’t he have announced with “rock me like a wagon wheel?”