Oklahoma State Safety Trey Rucker Arrested on Suspicion of DUI

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Rucker’s initial court appearance is Thursday.

Just what we need.

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Second offense. Get him out of here. Can’t make our secondary any better to keep him.

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Sounds like the kid has a drinking problem. Hopefully, he gets the help he obviously needs, and this does not screw up the rest of his life. That said, he should be dismissed from the team.


Agreed. So kick him off the team, but keep him in school and honor his scholly while getting him counseling? Is that what you’re suggesting? If so, yeah that seems like a better deal than just kicking him out of everything entirely.


https://x.com/okstmart/status/1706739272340943177?s=46&t=BmJSzo3MpAPX6US8Dx5BtA Wonder if there is any truth to these statements?

Do stupid things. Get stupid prizes.
Considering this is a repeat offense, he needs to be let go and placed in a rehab program.

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I have mixed feelings about this for sure. I’m not happy about the university honoring his scholorship but yanking it and just turning the kid loose does not seem right. It’s just a tough situation.


I believe nothing I see on X unless it is from a known reliable source. People make up stuff all the time. Not saying this guy is but where did he get his info? No real credibility to posts like that.


Although this may seem too lenient to some I’m a fan of waiting to see if there is a conviction or guilty plea before taking someone’s job away. You know innocent until proven guilty? I know taking that route isn’t always great for the team so it’s a tough call.

Fair and reasonable. But take a look at his mug shot.

Says about everything that needs to be said.


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I mean this team makes me drink too and he’s actually on the team, so, mucchhh worse. Still gotta stay out from behind the wheel, Rucker. Sad, I hope he turns himself around.


Yea that mug shot doesn’t look good

Moral indignation and virtue signals noted. How about letting the wheels of justice turn?

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Making it mandatory for someone to go to rehab is useless unless they want to go. Rucker must have passed smooth out for a light to go through several cycles….:flushed:. Let’s hope he wakes the hell up., at least get smarter about getting behind a wheel

That tequila stays “lion”…poor guy probably did turn to it to ease his pain of playing for a crap team.

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If you look at the video of his arrest he had a black shirt on and not a white like in this mugshot. FreeDrop I know this kid, what the media said happened is a total lie. Let’s support our own and not support #FAKENEWS. His driver’s record will be released soon showing his license was not expired.