Oklahoma State Schedules Home-and-Home with Colorado

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Mark your distant calendars.

Looks like 30 and 31 we can bring in Missouri state. It be great to see gundy beat Colorado again.

Why would we bring in Missouri State? We need to stop scheduling FCS teams. It should be 1 P5, a high G5, and Tulsa every year. Unless you want to spice it up and do 2 P5 every few years. Missouri State doesn’t tell this team where they are and what they need to fix before playing a real team. There’s the response you asked for Robert.

Ok logan tell Alabama to play that schedule. U guys and the schedule.

I don’t care what Alabama does. They steamroll 95% of their games.

There is no reason to play a p5 any g5 and a fcs.
How do u know if a g5 is going to be good when u play them. Same for p5.

They may not be as good as they were when you scheduled them but they’re still much better than the Missouri States of the world. I agree there is no reason to play an FCS team like you just said. Unless it was one of your writing mishaps.

The msu was to get u guys riled
I have no problem playing fcs school, just like every other school does.

You also have no problem going 7-5. The FCS games need to stop. It doesn’t help the team prepare for a real game.

First 90% of the teams play a fcs every year. Since the sec plays 4 non con they all play them.
If u dnt see any benefits in the fcs games then there is no need to go on about.
The nfl should do away with preseason mlb stop spring ball

P5 teams should not be playing FCS teams. I don’t care what the SEC does. I care what OSU does. I’m tired of losing the conference opener because the team is half asleep. They need some actual competition during the noncon. Hence a P5, high rated G5, and Tulsa.

It’s funny. Everyone must agree gundy will still be here to play Colorado

Good thing he will be coaching.