Oklahoma State Second in Big 12 Wins During the 2010s

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Pokes second in wins for the 2010s.

Nebraska and Kansas had the same amount of conference wins this decade…let that sink in.


The past decade of OSU football has been fun to experience … however, i just cant get past how good it could have been (or will be) with better recruiting … give me 7-8 more 4* players with each recruiting class (and better balance between Offense and Defense) and my disposition improves by leaps & bounds :sunglasses:

Can this data put the “who’s better” between Gundy and Patterson to bed? So much of Patterson’s reputation was developed in the WAC or whatever it was called.

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I appreciate all of what Gundy’s done for the program in terms of elevating it, but this article is another attempt to soften the blow of the now 2-13 Bedlam record. Or maybe it’s to justify why we’ve kept Gundy for 15 years. Despite only winning 1 conference title and a 1-4 record when favored in Bedlam. Seeing the Sooners potentially back into the playoff yet again after facing back up QB’s two weeks in a row just rubs a little more salt in the wound.

Yes and YES!!!

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Second in wins? Yet Baylor and K State have just as many conference titles or more since 2011 compared to OSU.

I’m anxiously waiting for the moment when OSU starts recruiting like a team that reflects 2nd in wins during the 2010’s rather than an annual 6-6 team.