Oklahoma State Stays Put at No. 6 in AP's Week 8 Poll

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Cowboys remain at No. 6.

“Despite a win over No. 17 Iowa State, Oklahoma State remained at No. 6 in this week’s AP Poll.“

I don’t have a problem with this. A 3 point win against #17 on your own turf isn’t something (in my opinion) that justifies a higher ranking than where they’re at right now. Now if OSU had won this game by 17-21 points then I might have a problem with it.

Not to mention everyone ranked above them, who are bluebloods, either won their game yesterday or were idle. They were not going to move up OSU even if they won by 17-21 points.

Notice how I said “I Might” have a problem with it.

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What is the deal with Tulsa? They went from receiving 58 votes in the AP poll last week, putting them at #28 to not receiving a single vote this week. They beat South Florida 42-13 this week, so I do not understand the large bedowngrading? I normally would not care, but it could end up giving us a big boost if they were ranked later this season.

Because they beat a team that’s 1-5 this past weekend.

I agree on our end that our performance doesn’t warrant a move up from 6th. But ND and Georgia being ahead of us irritates me a little bit. ND has not played a single team with a winning record yet, all 5 of their opponents have losing records. And they almost lost two of those 5 games. Georgia is a little more deserving with two top 20 wins to our one, but they got clobbered by Bama and didn’t get penalized at all in the polls for it. If we keep winning we will be top 3 or 4 going into bedlam guaranteed. Clemson is going to clobber ND, and we’ll see what happens with Florida-Georgia and PSU-OSU. Also, wins against Texas and KSU would boost our resume.

WVU losing to tech hurts us, but Tulsa continuing to dominate helps. We need ISU to win out.

That is true, but they beat them handily. When we beat Kansas, we moved up several spots. I am not saying Tulsa deserved to move up much, but it seems odd that they would drop so far after taking care of business. Teams now ahead of Tulsa include Memphis, Liberty, Tulane, Louisiana, Army, Appalachian State, and San Diego State. What big wins did those teams score to earn their votes?

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