Oklahoma State-Texas GAMEDAY Thread

24 hours to kickoff in Austin. How we feeling? I’m cautiously, uncharacteristically, way over-confident. Send help.

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I’m reallllly hesitant to get confident, mainly because whenever ‘streaks’ are mentioned, that seems to align the stars to have them get broken. If we can get our offense firing full-throttle from the outset and our defense can get a turnover or two, we really have a shot. But if our D plays like they did for a good while against Oregon State…it could be bad.

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I’ll be in Vegas watching. If you see an osu flag flying at a cabana that’s us. Feeling good about covering. Great shot to win. Spencer gonna have to ball out though.

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Nice. Good luck with the whole Area 51 thing.


My thought is that the team is finally pumped up for a game and Coach Gundy has his coordinators installing some new plays to take advantage of both UT’s offense and defense. I know his go-to response about offensive playcalling is “well it’s what the defense gave us”. My thought is that UT is going to stack the box and dare us to throw and it’ll backfire.

My other reason for confidence: UT had to show their whole playbook against LSU. We’ve been pretty conservative.

I live in Austin and the sports radio guys have been pretty anxious about the OSU Armageddon offense.

Let’s see dem aliens

I’m very interested to see how they get the CBBs involved over the middle. They’ve had zero impact so far (outside of blocking), but that’s primarily because they’ve only thrown to the edges. Super excited to see how they stress the Texas defense. On the other end I can’t wait to see where they line Antwine up with all the other pieces. I think it’ll be a solid outing with Harper back as well and the Texas center a little banged up.


I will be unable to watch a single snap, and not follow in real time on twitter. That would indicate a solid Pokes win.

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You’re doing the lords work tom


Hopefully they show dem aliens before the game starts.

How is the reception inside Chesapeake Arena in OKC? I’m taking my 5-year old and friends to the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Show. I’m missing OSU/TX for a monster truck rally…

Therefore, this is destined to be an all-time win for the Pokes, a “you had to see it live” moment.


Defensively, I think we win or lose based on the performance of one player: Harvell-Peel. He hasn’t really impressed me much so far this year…that’s not to say he hasn’t made some plays, but I can’t help but notice him being the closest guy to other team’s receivers when they cross the goal line.

If #31 has a good game, we win. If not, probably not.

Oklahoma State is top 10 in wins in college football this decade.

But when the broader sports media talks about OSU’s 7 of 9 and 4 straight against Texas… It’s not about how good OSU has been… It’s about how bad Texas has been. Several members of the media are flat out shocked that OSU has this kind of record against Texas this decade.

It’s insulting.

It’s also a case study on just how stupid college football is, and getting wrapped up in it if you’re a fan of a non-marquee program is a fool’s errand. No matter what OSU does, we are never going to be recognized as a top program and never get talked about like one. We’ve been top 10 in wins this decade… And we are ignored in our own state… Let alone nationally. Arkansas gets more attention than we do. Texas can take a decade off and still get talked about like royalty. Same with Tennessee and USC.

College football is stupid.


ESPN’s College GameDay previewed the game a little bit. Rece Davis called Gundy Texas’ landlord. The clips from it are here: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/rece-davis-calls-mike-gundy-texas-landlord-on-espn-college-gameday/

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Man, thanks eddy. I appreciate that.

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I can totally see Gundy owning a string of duplexes. Texas’ co-resident was Tech until last year.

You still gonna watch the stupidity?

Not worried about us scoring points. Worried about the defense though.

All three on ESPN picked against OSU and it wasn’t even in a ‘this will be a close shootout’ way. We’re coming in as a big underdog - that somehow makes me feel better.