Oklahoma State Third All-Time in Bowl Winning Percentage

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And Gundy is 9-4 in postseason tilts.

Say what you want about inferior bowls and they don’t mean much. I got 2 words for you, James castleman! By far the most fun play in school history.


1-4 in Cotton, Fiesta (2011 win), and Sugar Bowls
(oSu points: 179 - opponents 320)
(oSu points: 159 - opponents 272 (w/o 2015 Ole Miss cheaters)

6-2 in other Bowls
(oSu points: 320 - opponents 179)


La-di-frickin-da! Going to another Status Quo Bowl. Playing Texas A&M. Boring! This is just another piece of OSU propaganda in an attempt to cover the medicre football program.

You maybe ought to look over the word “mediocre.” I don’t think it means what you apparently think it means. Look at those lists. Nothing about them meets the definition of “mediocre.”

He wins “lower” bowls and loses the “bigger” ones.

Saban derangement syndrome has definitely worked it’s way through all fanbases it seems.

This is where the recruiting limitations show the most.

The positive record is in some way an indicator of the overall perception of oSu football. We are often matched with inferior teams because we are falsely viewed in the same category. It’s nothing to hang your hat on, especially considering the bowls that have been won, but I love watching them all the same.

This is good #content. Let’s all take time to be thankful we live in a 2019 where we can be pissed OSU got shafted out of the Alamo Bowl once again.

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“Too many games in Texas (although the coaches likely love it for recruiting purposes).”

Yeah!!! Because we can’t live without recruiting in Texas!!! Gotta maintain that #40 ranking in recruiting every year!!!

I agree and add that struggling to beat OU at the end of the year has also had a major impact in which bowls pursued oSu.

To me, this screams ‘perpetually underrated as a program’ or ‘underrated as a conference.’ It can only be one of those 2 things.

Because either
A) OSU is perpetually underrated year in and year out because we traditionally beat whomever you slide in to play us as an ‘equal’ in a bowl game
B) The B12 is perpetually underrated because OSU in ‘Slot X’ in the B12 vs. ‘Slot X’ in the Other conference usually means an OSU win.

I think Gundy owes you a personal apology for having QB1 and WR1 go down to injury this season.
The freaking gall of that guy


Yer tellin me! Inspite of your sarcasm the truth still remains, down in Norman they talk about championships and playoffs. In Stillwater the main topic is Gundy’s mullet, uniforms and statistics that don’t mean squat.

I’d pick ‘A’ here since a Big XII team hasn’t won a NC in 15 years.