Oklahoma State Wide Receiver Bryson Green Enters Transfer Portal

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Green was the Cowboys’ second-leading receiver in 2022.

Well, there you go!

Add defensive tackle Samuela Tuihalamaka to the portal list as well

Ouch. Sam was set to take over for Sioni.

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This is getting ridiculous. Four scholarship receivers in the transfer portal. How many receivers are on scholarship, anyway? Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.


Well maybe something major is in the works coaching wise or in some other fashion as this is getting ridiculous


At this point someone at OSU, the AD, head coach, someone needs to have a press conference or an official statement on what the hell is going on with the program.


The head coach will have one, but no one can ask any questions.


Yea the statement needs to address the issue directly, no questions needed. And I;d be fine if the AD was the one to do it, anyone with official capacity at OSU frankly. This is getting stupid.


Need to tie down a qb. That may be a big issue. Im not over concern if the recievers would stay health. But green and jpr are big hit. It must have been known for a while because they’ve been offer a lot of offers.

The dt is a bigger hit as to replacing.

Get a couple more dt and oline

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Well I guess we now won’t be surprised when BP hits the portal


Yep. That would be the cherry on top of this sh*t sundae.

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What about Blaine Green?

Has done nothing to prove he is promising enough.

As of now, Blaine is still in Stillwater.

Just saw a post that said that Stephon Johnson Jr. has entered the portal

Yep ON3 just confirmed it

That’s not good. WRs dropping like flys.

I’m wondering if this means that Dunn is on the brink of being fired as he was the main recruiter for all these Wrs……?

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I don’t want to hear from Gundy. I want to hear from Chad. Gundy clearly gives zero f—k’s.