Oklahoma State Wins Bout at the Ballpark against Michigan, 24-15

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No. 11 OSU takes down No. 6 Michigan.

Great win. Did they switch some guys out for michigan. On poke report they didn’t seem to have as many ranked guys as previously reported.

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Amine at 165 was hurt. He was rated at number five. Sheets probably would have lost to Amine, but he tech falled the substitute. So that was at least an eight point swing.


Isu was do to injuries to. So its all fair in wrestling just not football

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Carter just can’t seem to get off the bottom. How many have ridden him an entire period ? He lacks strength. That irks me, other than that the guys wrested well. Semis depth does just happen in football, :smile::cowboy_hat_face::smile::cowboy_hat_face:

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