Oklahoma State's Game against USC in OKC Canceled

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The Pokes and Trojans were scheduled to meet in the Paycom Center.

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That saved us a beat down


Hope they get their COVID cases under control.
Honestly, we probably would’ve gotten our arse kicked so I’m not too bummed about this.

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I would loved to had played the Trojans. Hope they get their infections under control.

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■■■■ now what am I going to do with my Lincoln Riley is my hero sign? For real through probably saves us another beat down.

On a slightly different note I hope this Omicron variant doesn’t get here before bowl season is over or it’s going to ruin football post season play. From the news so far it sounds like just about everyone is going to get it. Also early indications are that it is mild in nature with symptoms similar to a cold but despite that I’ll bet there will be wholesale canceling of games if people start to test positive.

I’d be more worried about March Madness being canceled but I guess that doesn’t really effect us. Unless it does get canceled and then the NCAA decides to move the ban to next year or something stupid.

Yea MM could be affected. Omicron is supposed to take hold here late Dec into Jan. It spreads real fast so it should be over before March unless big parts of the country lock down and then it will turn into a slow burn and probably will affect MM for sure

I believe symptoms are mild if you are vaccinated and have the booster. For the unvaccinated it can be rough but not quite as bad as the delta variant. Not a doctor but here in Virginia that is what they are reporting.

It’s on campus. The girls just canceled their game with North Texas.
I hope they take this serious. Hate to have to skip the bowl.

Actually early data suggests that it is even milder than that. I follow a Dr John Campbell out of the UK (he has a YT channel) and he follows the data strictly. So far South Africa where Omicron first presented itself and where infections are rampant and is largely un-vaccinated hasn’t seen an increase in hospitalizations or deaths from Omicron. Also symptoms appear to be different than Delta. Symptoms are similar to the common cold and are usually mild. Also recent studies have shown that the Omicron virus grows in the bronchial tubes instead of the lungs. This fact is the primary reason why the virus is more contagious than Delta but is it also less severe since it isn’t invading the lungs like Delta does.

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Yea that is not good