Ollie Gordon 3 Carry South Alabama Blowout Loss Overreaction Thread

Then you better start asking SMU to fundraise for us.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Which gets to my post above :ok_hand:

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Question for someone in the KNOW? Is Gundy’s 5 year contract automatically roll over each year? Can the university change that after this year?

It (rollover year) has to be voted on each year from my understanding. There is a deadline each season, like so many days after the last game or something.


I love that we have to justify a comparison to KU now.


Hot take if KU makes it to the CCG.
Good point though, constantly moving the goalpost. The depressing thing is there is nothing promising about the football team. Poor coaching (over paid/underachieving) worst we have had since Gundy took over. Worst O-line, QB, LB (excluding Oliver), average at best RB, WR, D-line, CB, and Safeties, bottom line there are no difference makers on offense and only 2-3 on defense. All this makes the mass exodus last season more understandable IMO. Why wouldn’t the players see the same thing? I expect a repeat or worse after this season unless Gundy can somehow turn the team around. I don’t understand Coach Gundy implying that players left last year because they weren’t getting a chance to play. Little Presley would be the only one that fit that description, most of the others were starters or significant contributors. We don’t get the ball to the best athletes on offense even the few plays that they are on the field and Dunn tells us that the defense dictated something else. Pretty easy to game plan for us because we never go against what the defense dictates.

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Kansas rightfully gets looked down on cause they’re Kansas but they have a sneaky great team. Not the best defense, but arguably the best running offense in America. Which will take you a long ways. Everyone knows they’re going to run, yet they have 2-3 guys averaging 7+ a carry anyways. And both QBs are completing 3/4+ of their passes.


Give me this guy over Dunn in a heartbeat


AI is getting so crisp.

Not even close.

For two years now they’ve been running when every single team they’ve played has known EXACTLY what they were about to do, and they’re still almost getting a first down per carry. Averages are miles ahead of any other team in the league. Maybe not the best in the country, but they’re infinitely better at it than anyone else in this conference.

Not to keep harping on it, but going back to that PC yesterday. He mentioned how he respects Prime because “he does whatever he thinks is right, no matter what anyone else thinks.” And it keeps rubbing me the wrong way.

1.) He is literally stating plain as day that he will do nothing to fix this and what he’s doing is just fine. Admin’s opinion doesn’t matter. Media’s opinion doesn’t matter. Fan’s opinion doesn’t matter. Team’s opinion doesn’t matter.

2.) If things were going horribly wrong, Prime would 1,000% change things as soon as he possibly could.


unless he was doing what he thought was right… AKA gundy

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you kinda just proved Gundy does exactly what he said he likes about Prime, not sure why that upsets you lmao


Swing and a miss on my point.

your mad because he does not do something that someone else would do?

hop on the bandwagon my guy

Again, that’s not my point. It’s what Gundy meant by it. It’s blatantly obvious that Gundy was saying that as an ego boost to himself. He was insinuating “I do what I want too, respect me for it too.” He believes he should be lauded simply for doing what he wants but you don’t get respect for doing what you want when it’s failing miserably. Prime is having success / getting respect because what he’s doing is working. Not just because he “does what he wants”. And he makes changes when things fail to make sure it keeps working. Gundy is the polar opposite of that. He’ll chose a plan, and ride it into a cliff side regardless of how atrociously it’s going just out of spite to everyone else.

I was already mad about him doing what he wants. It’s just that he continues to double down that he should be praised for it that keeps getting me. The tone deafness. Lol


I think you are late to the being upset about that party lmao

I’m just naive enough to think “surely he’ll eventually realize how poorly his plan is going… right?”


I stopped believing this, and other forms of it, a long time ago.


For me, here’s what it all gets down to, and I’m not talking about cheating or some unethical practices: Either the administration supports doing what it takes to win in football (and baseball and wrestling for that matter) or it doesn’t, and right now I’m not quite sure which is correct; however, if by the end of our season Weiberg isn’t instrumental in taking some action(s) to align us in that direction, then we’ll have our answer and that would present an even larger problem than just Gundy, Dunn, and Dickey. I had high expectations for Weiberg and I certainly hope he comes through, but right now he just seems to be operating close to an empty suit.